What You Know About Online Pet Store

Each pet owner always tries to please his beloved family member and feed him with high-quality food. However, it sometimes happens that dishonest owners of some shops who try to earn money from customers, sell poor-quality or long-spoiled food and goodies.

Those who want to know the truth, we talked with an employee of the capital’s pet-store and found out what tricks sellers can never categorically fall for and how to personally not kill your pet.

About feed

Arriving at the pet store, be prepared for the fact that you will be imposed on the goods of several so-called “categories” – brands for which sellers receive bonuses and goods with a suitable period.

So, store owners set conditions if the goods are not sold on time – the cost will be deducted from the employees’ salaries. That is if a 17-pound package of elite feed costs $ 100 – the cost will be deducted from the salary. Of course, this will be extremely unprofitable for sellers, therefore, first of all, they need to sell such food.

There are situations worse. If several weeks or a month have already passed since the expiration date, such food is packaged in packages and sold by weight. And, of course, only the price is put on the packaged package or very rarely – the packing date is also given.

Also, they may sell you another, cheaper feed under the guise of the one you asked for.

Tip: buy food only in branded packaging with a good shelf life. The same goes for goodies.

About the product at the checkout

At the checkout is primarily what needs to be sold soon. Usually, these are goodies and canned food for cats and dogs. Or something inexpensive that the client may not think about for a long time to purchase.

Tip: if you decide to buy the goods that you saw at the box office – make sure that everything is in order with the expiration date.

About animals in cages

The most painful topic for buyers is animals in cages. Almost every pet store seller came across furious “visitors” who called to animals and said that they did not see more cruel people, pointing to the unfortunate eyes of a kitten.

However, is it only the fault of sellers who do not pay due attention to animals? Not. Most often, kittens and puppies, and sometimes grown animals, are brought by the so-called “breeders” whose nurseries are in their corridor.

What is going on? “Breeders” buy documents, set the desired age, sometimes even less than they are. Animals that no one bought, the owners take back.

Tip: buy animals only in trusted kennels or better yet – take them from the shelter. Homeless animals also need true love and family.

About the parrots

When you come to the pet store with the question: “what gender is this parrot?”, In response, you can hear “what kind do you need?”. So, in truth, none of the sellers will ever determine the gender of a feathered one, only an ornithologist can do this.

Besides, very often breeders bring sick birds to pet stores that die over time.

Tip: buy parrots from trusted breeders.

About finance

It’s simple: always ask for a check and ask for the value of the goods.

From all this, we can draw a simple conclusion. Do not trust the words of sellers, very often it happens that at that moment people think about your pet last.