Must-Read Blogs for Software Developers

Below is a list of blogs that are important for software developers:


Glen Alleman’s blog specialises in the complexity of effective project management, and Herding Cats has compiled his expertise in a series of detailed blog posts best suited for team leaders and agile developers. When his advice applies to you, Glen has created an all-in-one reference for his book Performance-Based Project Management.


The Programmer is a personal and professional agency of self-proclaim programming. The blog includes both practical tutorials and sample tutorials, and insights into programming mathematics. Both based on two books: DSL In Action and Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling.

  • Mountain goat software

Mile Cohn has developed a dominant software development team and organisation through Agile and Scrum. In his blog, he is giving hints and instructions on how to build a strong team in your organisation and work and achieve more.

  1. Dzone

One of the best blogs for software development is Dzone. Study textbooks, manuals, tools, and software for beginners and professionals. Over 1 million subscribers, hundreds of publications Main topics: Agile, Big Data, Cloud, Database, Devo, Integration, IOT, Java, Mobile, and Display, Security.

  1. Toptal blog

Room for comprehensive development courses and new technological trends and here you can find the latest information about the server side, web interface, mobile, flexible project management.

  1. Atlassian blog

Great blog for strong lovers. There are many practical tips and approaches for strong software development. Testing, integration and others here are ads, journal entries, status reports, news, tricks and tips.

  • Twitter engineering blog

In this blog, Twitter engineers share examples, tips, ideas, and flaws. This blog-based on real models, real projects. Here you can learn from one of the best engineering teams in the world, find out which device to use and which method to use.

  • Carlosbuenosvinos

This top software development blog should be on this list of Carlosbuenosinvos. The blog publishes useful information about PHP, DevOps, Extreme Programming, Scram, domain design and other necessary software development topics.

  1. Panavtec

The extended Android theme is written in a personal coding experience. Other topics such as domain management design, mobile architecture, TDD, MVP, functional programming, continuous integration, can be found here.

  1. Furbo

It is based on web development practices and secrets. The author will also monitor the trends of new technologies, and you can see many articles with his opinion on the development of technologies and new software technologies.


Thomas Guest’s aligned blog is personal and professional. In addition to the code for tips and tricks, there are comics and private jokes – their article on the jockey code is a new insider joke for developers all over the world.


Jonathan Kohl’s blog combines extensive experience in developing mobile applications and many obvious business ideas and creates rich resources that are interested in the business aspects of software development for the developers I want. Jonathan will also present his published books Tap in Mobile App Testing and Tap in Design for Mobile Applications in the future.

The other must-read Blogs for Software Developers are as follows:


  • Scala times
  • Ocramius
  • Javacodegeeks