ScanGuard Review

ScanGuard antivirus is the reputable, and the full system antivirus capture software that competes with big anti-virus players. For the ScanGuard review, their reputation has been the subject of a discussion to many users of the internet since 2016 because of its reputation. Like many competitors which are there in the market, it offers the complete security which is suite for every device. It is among the leading security software suppliers because of complete protection that consists of all every feature you could expect from the industry leading security. 

As the ScanGuard may be concerned, things are much standard because of complete protection to all your devices using one product which is very simple when using it. The important features which ScanGuard the highlights on the website are online privacy, advanced antivirus engine, protection, real-time protection, and PC optimization. That is essentially the composition of a security suite for the PC, as ScanGuard offers the advanced protection options for the mobile. The software offers the full real-time scans and program scans as the established companies in the market.

Functions of ScanGuard

Malware Protection

this has become the top function of this antivirus for it has the pack for malware protection. It functions by detecting and neutralizing Trojans, worms, adware, and rootkits. Also, its files guard feature can quarantine perilous files if any have been found. It also provides an advanced ransomware protection.

Spyware Protection

Essentially, spyware can be detected by Real-Time Protection feature system. Nevertheless, there is an additional security measure when need be. ScanGuard detects and then safely redirects the searches away from the websites which can pose the threat to the system. This particular privacy-enhanced search engine can keep you being protected from malware malicious and phishing websites, stopping snoopers and hackers from gaining and access to the personal data. Also, you can activate the extension straightaway from the ScanGuard account dashboard.

Phishing Websites Protection

for you to protect the PC from possible phishing attacks, ScanGuard, at first offers Safe Browsing which is VPN option. Nevertheless, activating this feature can cost you about $39. Actually, a safe browsing option cannot be part of an Antivirus Pro subscription. ScanGuard is also known for offering the cheaper solution when installing it to detect and safely redirect the searches away from the websites which can pose the threat to the system. 

Scanning Options

For the scanning options, essentially, you will not get many options which are available. ScanGuard enables two types of scans which is the quick scan when checking the desktop, downloads, and the full scan that can look deep into the machine. However, the antivirus does the decent job and will not miss any threats. You can begin both the scans right from a dashboard. When you are through, the system can tell you if there is anything which is worthy of the attention. Likewise, note that the ScanGuard allow the scheduling scans so, you can choose to scan it weekly, for a fortnightly or even monthly. This means once you have it you are sure of scanning your PC and to ensure it is free from any threat.